Inbound and Outbound Call Center Jobs Offer Good Money and a Foundation for a Future Career

Young adults who only have a high school education or are having trouble finding work after completing an associate or bachelor’s degree may feel despair at the pay rates offered for entry-level positions. They’d like to get an apartment and a newer car, and wonder how anyone can support themselves on income that’s barely above minimum wage. They may be interested in learning about a customer service and telemarketing company that offers significantly more than that low amount. At this type of company, they can expect to earn at least $13 an hour after they acquire some experience, translating to about $27,000 per year for those who work full time.


The opportunity to Work at Gold Mountain Communications is a chance to make a living, save some money and experience professional growth as well. The company receives excellent reviews from both its clients and its employees. At this kind of organization, commissions boost the base hourly rate substantially. Many team members earn more than $20 per hour, which becomes entirely possible as the workers acquire more expertise.

Jobs are available not only for full-time workers, but for individuals who prefer to work part-time. College and technical school students are welcome to apply, as are parents who prefer to only work during the hours the kids are in school. The flexible schedules are beneficial for workers in many types of situations.

Individuals who would like to build a career in sales find this job a great starting point, especially if they work in the outbound department. The inbound department focuses on customer service, which is advantageous for people who want to become a customer service manager in an organization one day. Individuals who have a goal to work in a different field also will find the work valuable, as they earn good money while polishing their people skills and gaining confidence in talking with many different persons throughout the workday. The company provides opportunities for workers who thrive in this environment and want to advance. They may move into supervisory positions or become sales agents, for example. A career in sales can be one of the most lucrative occupations while also providing freedom and flexibility.